Holstein Calf 13798 by Schleich


Brand Schleich

Schleich are world renowned for their true to life, finely detailed figurines.

From The Farm Life collection comes this cute Holstein Calf 13634, released in 2016.

Holsteins are the most popular breed of cattle in the world. They were first bred in The Netherlands and then brought to America in 1857. Holsteins are immediately recognizable by their black and white colouring.

Today farmers raise Holsteins, like this little calf, for their amazing milk-producing ability: the average cow produces 3,250 gallons of milk a year! They generally live three to four years, have four stomachs and graze on a combination of grasses and hay.

  • Length - 8cm
  • Age guide: from 3 years

Did you know.. 

Calves already weigh between 25 and 45 kg at birth. 

After birth, the calves are lovingly licked dry by their mothers in their stall. After just a few days, they can join the other cows out on the pasture to frolic around and play. A few weeks later, they start eating grass and hay. However, they still can’t digest the fresh green fodder as well as adult cows. That’s why calves keep drinking their mother’s milk for six to twelve months. They are fully grown by the age of around five, and can live to an age of between 20 and 25.