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Hugg-A-Planet Classic


Brand Hugg A Planet

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Give your child the world with this soft, huggable and educational globe.

Over 100 places labeled are labeled on the Hugg-A-Planet Earth. Hug it, or use it as a ball whilst learning about our planet.

100% cotton outer (easy to wash and dry!)
Polyester fiber inner (the most hygenic filler with ani-bacterial properties)
12 inches in diameter

Builds confidence, Children As Young as one enjoy it. Why? it is easy for them to catch, light enough to carry, colorful to keep thier interest, and for the parent seeing your child with the world in their arms is a very memorable in-powering experience.

For The Toddler - A two year old can start learning geography. It is amazing to watch, just by showing them a place on the Hugg-A-Planet, then asking them to find it again, and they do.

For The Preschooler On Up To 8th Grade the media is always mentioning geography in the news, or reading books, and magazines, even in music. At this point the Hugg-A-Planet, Earth has found a home in the den or bedroom where a TV is, or reading is done, always in arms reach for easy reference. Often this become a opportunity for the parent, grandparent and child to interact; Where is that place or where does grandma live, even planning vacations.