Punch and Pose Paper Placemat - 12 pack

$24.95 $14.95

Brand The Lowercase

The Lowercase DinnerWear Papermats are fantastic!  Why not eat with a French accent?  Drink with a Dutch accent?  or go Greek?

Fun & Educational Paper Placemats for children and adults.

Every Pop-Out Moustache comes with a Matching Phrase to learn: Danish, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

Made of Thick Sustainable Card, simply Pop-Out your Moustache of choice, fit into the supplied paper-wand and STRIKE A POSE!

1-Step EASY Entertaining: Each Papermat comes with step-by-step instructions on the reverse-side. NO scissors or glue required.

Perfect to occupy active little minds or impress friends with a wealth of cultural literacy.

ENJOY a splash of international flavour now with our "Ready to Serve" 12-Packs.